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We offer Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

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Santa Cruz Children’s School

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Santa Cruz Children’s School Faculty

Dan Hoppenfeld- Director

    Dan is responsible for teaching math to students in the third to sixth grades. He brings in real life examples and helps students develop the critical think skills and diligent attention to detail needed for clear and accurate mathematical understanding. Students’ work benefits from personal attention and dedication. Students often work above grade level and are well prepared for the higher level math required for academic success.

    Dan is a excellent photographer, gardener, and musician. He brings science alive for students with demonstrations that shock and amaze! His love of learning and life permeate the school.

     Before creating Santa Cruz Children’s School Dan taught in the Pajaro District in Santa Cruz County. Dan Hoppenfeld earned his California Teaching Credential in from UCSC in 1982. His undergraduate degree is in Environmental Studies.

Adele Gardner- Head Teacher


     Adele Gardner teaches Language Arts to children in the second to sixth grades. Students begin with a strong introduction to Children’s Literature and Poetry. They build a strong understanding of reading fundamentals. This builds both the desire and the skills needed to become an independent and self-motivated reader.

    Students write across the curriculum. They write stories, biographies,  and reports on science or social studies. Students publish  Cruz Kid’s Chronicles, the school newspaper. In addition to reading and writing, students prepare oral presentations, practice reading aloud, and create a play every other year.

    Adele teaches math to students in the first and second grade. All concepts are taught concretely with objects and examples. Discovering math in everyday life is encouraged. Students develop a strong understanding of basic math ideas and facts.

    Adele also coordinates and plans school events and trips, mentors teachers, and facilitates clear communication between students, teachers, and parents.

    She received her California State Teaching Credential from the University California at Santa Cruz in 1982. Before creating Santa Cruz Children’s School Adele Gardner taught in the Live Oak School District where she was a master teacher for Students at UCSC as well as the mentor teacher for Language Arts.

Andrea Randall- Early Primary Teacher

    Andrea Randall, formerly Andrea Barker, is the lead teacher for the youngest children. She holds a California State Teaching Credential from Humbolt State. She is in her fifth year of teaching at Santa Cruz Children’s School. She has a strong background in early childhood education.

    Her well organized, creative, and cheerful class is inviting to young students. Her students hear stories, keep journals, and build their reading and math skills.

    Homework might include: Making collections, bringing home  Theme bags like a beach bag full of books, games, and activities to be shared with the family. Other homework themes include: a tool chest, picnic basket,  or a shoe box. There are 12 in all and all of them bring learning, fun, and family together.

    Andrea plans and implements a special program each year. Last year she made movies with each group that were shown at our Film Festival in June. This year she will cook with each of the groups and design beautiful meal.