Letters Home


We look forward to hearing from parents informally before and after school each day.

Please do not wait for conferences to bring up concerns. That said, we have a few ways that we reach out to families:


We put notices in cubbies about school events and school news. Check everyday. We try to post new notices on the door so that you will know that a note is in the cubby.

White Board:

In front of the gate we try to post highlights of the day’s events as well as reminders about upcoming events.


We are happy to respond to e-mail if you are unable to reach us during school hours, or if you just want time to collect your thoughts. Write to:


Parent Conferences

Conferences are scheduled for each student for Friday, November 21 this year. We are happy to make appointments to any time at a parent’s  request. We will call for an appointment with parents any time we feel that a student needs attention and support .

Report Cards

We mail  report cards out to parents in the first week of February and immediately before the end of school in June.


Parent Teacher


Right Around the Corner

New Student Orientation

Tuesday, Sept. 1


Parent Orientation

Tuesday, Sept. 1


UpComing Events

Getting to Know You Potluck-- Sunday, Sept. 13

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